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Welcome to the GH Engineering web site.

GH Engineering specialises in a range of power amplifiers for the VHF and UHF bands.  Also available is a range of VHF/UHF semiconductors, including the complete range of Mitsubishi Power Amplifier modules and GaAsFETs, low noise GaAsFETs, Power GaAsFETs & PHEMTs from Agilent and a range of MMICs from Mini-Circuits.

IMPORTANT NOTE - GH Engineering is currently moving.  Please use the new address given in the Contact details  page.  During the next few weeks there will be some disruption to normal service - modules and other components can be shipped fairly quickly, but it will take considerably longer to ship kits and assembled products.

Also note that the preferred means of contact is by email - we will answer phone calls and letters, but email is by far the quickest means of getting a respose.

                  12GHz Prescaler  

PA1.3-100 - 1.3GHz, 100W linear power amplifier                 XP12-10   12.5GHz divide by 10 prescaler


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